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A computer can have a wide range of issues such as speed issues, no display, random crashes, not detecting hardware, viruses. All of these issues can be fixed with a bit of analysing, other services for computers can be upgrades, a custom build, system setup.

Computer speed issues are commonly caused by viruses, after viruses, it will be because the system drive is too full or the programs you are using are running slow because the computer specs are too low for the program. Malware comes in a couple of different forms virus’s, spyware, scareware, trojans and adware are the common malware on a system, each of these affect your computer in a different way. Viruses will slow down your computer by spreading around and taking up computer resources, spyware will watch for passwords and credential information and steal them, scareware shows you have an infected system and attempts to make your purchase their solution, trojans hide in other applications and lets other malware through your security and adware is the aggressive popups when browsing in which clicking the popups will let other malware in as well. The solution to this is simply making sure you run frequent malware scans on your system otherwise worst-case scenario you will have to reset your system because it is heavily infected.

An annoying occurrence with computers is the BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) the reason for this is a system failure and the BSOD will have a code that goes with it to show what has gone wrong. BSOD can always be fixed the severity of the fix depends on the type, for instance, a simple error could be a component isn’t plugged in properly and a complex issue is something has gone wrong with the system.

A common issue with a computer is no display this is usually caused by the system’s hardware not being installed correctly or a component has failed on a newer system, modern motherboard have QCode displays which will show a code that explains what is currently happening with the system and this can show you quickly what is going wrong, older computer relies on a beep code sometimes a small speaker must be installed on the motherboard for this to work, this beep code will explain what is wrong as well.

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