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When you have important data that you need and you would be in trouble if you lost the information you should take precautions to back it up you can do this using external hard drives, cloud services, or a NAS system. Depending on the size of storage you will need, a cloud service will be the cheapest up until large storage is required (e.g. 2tb drive and up) for example google storage costs $2.50 a month for 100gb if the internet is an issue you would want to use an external hard drive, $100 is the average cost for a 2tb external hard drive. For a larger storage device, you will want to look at a NAS system these systems are a special device that holds multiple drives adding up to a much larger local system and can be set up in raids. Different raid options result in different levels of reliability, NAS systems can be quite expensive for a large system (e.g. for 10TB can cost around $700).

When you have lost data because your system has failed, it’s best if you don’t try and recover it yourself unless you know what you’re doing as you run the risk of completely wiping the information, unfortunately, it’s not always possible to retrieve the data as it may be totally corrupt. It is simple to recover data from an old system if you have access to the right tools. If you have just bought a new system and you want to transfer your old systems information off to the newer system this is also very simple to do, in most cases, you will need an external hard drive to put the information onto and then transfer to the new system.

You should always backup after you do something important that you wouldn’t want to lose, any financial information, photos, videos etc should all be kept on a backup. Any confidential information should be backed up locally and not through a cloud service, more general files can be stored on the cloud or an external hard drive, and your large movie collection or project files should be stored on a NAS system.

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