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laptop repairs
Laptop Repairs in Brisbane
Vision Computing provides very competive rates for laptop repairs in the Brisbane IT market and we guarntee our services prioritse customer satisfaction and results.

Laptop shares all common issues with a computer such as speed issues, viruses, BSOD, display issues, but because its a laptop it becomes a bit harder to fix as you cant easily get access to all the hardware, the parts are also more expensive as their brand-specific and harder to obtain.

Other common issues with a laptop are keyboard stops working, battery life, trackpad issues, and storage issues, these are all easy to fix given the parts are obtainable. The main cause for a keyboard to break will be liquid damage as the connections are very fragile another factor is wear and tear once the keycaps start coming off and the key bracket is damaged a keyboard replacement will be required. An older laptop will start having battery life issues this is caused by a natural process of charging and draining the battery it will slowly lose maximum charge when this happens it is very easy to fix as usually, the battery component is easily obtainable and easily accessible.

Laptops components are hard to upgrade as the laptop has been designed in a way that only fits what is currently in the laptop, upgrades that can be done are storage upgrades and ram upgrades. Within a laptop will usually be a 3.5’’ or a 2.5’’ drive in a newer laptop it may be a m.2 form factor these are just different sizes of storage these can be replaced with larger or faster storage. The other upgradeable component is ram, in a laptop, it has a form factor called SODIMM these can usually be upgraded as well as in a lot of laptops there is a spare empty slot for a potential upgrade you can also upgrade the size of the ram that is already in the laptop you would want to upgrade the ram of the system if you need to use it for heavier programs such as photoshop or if you are noticing the computer slowing down when you are doing too many things at once.

For best laptop repair services in Brisbane and surrounds, call us for a quote at 0438750568 and see how we can best help you!

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