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Laptop Repairs in Brisbane

Laptops and computers share many common issues such as speed issues, viruses, screen issues and the BSOD (Blue Screen of Death). However, laptops are intricate devices and a routine repair will often require the knowledge of a trusted technician who can help you assess the extent of damage to your device.

At Vision Computing we provide competitive rates for laptop repairs across Brisbane for all major brands and models of laptops. Our team of technicians prioritize prompt service, customer satisfaction and results. We are more than happy to provide a free quote when it comes to assessing your device and any required repairs.

Screen Repair
Laptop Repair

Common Laptop Issues

  • Battery life & recharge problems
  • Trackpad issues
  • Storage issues
  • Keyboard replacement & repair
  • Replacement & upgrade of key components
  • Frequent restarting
  • Water damage & liquid spills
  • Data recovery 
  • Virus removal

Upgrading your Laptop

Laptop components often require consideration and advice during upgrading, as often their design hinges on niche parts that are designed specifically for that line of laptops. However, many laptops have spare slots for potential upgrades, particularly for RAM and storage.

Our technicians can help you understand the technical specifics, such as the types of drives that are compatible with your laptop and the different ways parts can be changed to provide larger or faster storage. Upgrading the RAM and storage speed of the system will allow the smooth operation of more intensive/heavier programs such as Photoshop, and the enjoyment of computer intensive activities like online gaming. 

Laptop upgrades may also be recommended if you are noticing the computer slowing down when you have multiple applications running, and our technicians can help you understand if this is a ramification of the incorrect installation of software, an underlying laptop issue, or a result of.

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