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macbook repairs

MacBook Repairs in Brisbane

Commonly with a MacBook, if it is broken, Apple will recommend you buy a new product as their repair costs are too high for it to be a viable option and they will also say that 3rd party technicians cant be trusted when repairing apple products, depending on the issue and age of device you have the repair cost from a 3rd party technician is affordable and easy to do.

Just like other laptops and computer, they all share very similar issues such as speed issues, viruses, system failures, components not working and each of these issues can be fixed with some diagnostics. MacBooks can get viruses but it isn’t as common, a MacBooks common issues are a flickering screen, suddenly turning off, not charging, keys not working, external hard drives not appearing, and battery life.

As said before a MacBook has a lower chance of getting viruses as most viruses are not designed to be on MacBooks so they can’t function properly. If a MacBook screen starts to flicker generally it will need to be replaced, there may be a small chance that the cable that connects the screen to the motherboard has become slightly dislodged or a pin may be bent through tampering. When the keys on a MacBook no longer work or the caps come off, the keyboard will have to be replaced, the way it has been designed for the aesthetic look it makes replacing the keyboard difficulty and Apple has made it a longer process by adding in a lot of screws, with newer model MacBooks it can take between 3-5 hours to replace the keyboard as they have made them harder to reach and added more components to keep them in place, unless you replace the whole top case which is expensive.

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