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Mobile Phone Repair in Brisbane

Getting a trained technician to repair your phone is overall cheaper than buying a new phone. For an older phone, repair costs are cheaper because the parts required for the repair are in abundance from when they were overproduced. If your phone is newer the repair will cost will be more as the parts are newer and their price hasn’t been reduced yet. Additionally, by having your phone repaired it will reduce e-waste as you aren’t buying a new phone and per person, this adds up.

We select from a range of different vendors to get the best prices to keep costs down when doing phone repairs. We also keep in mind the manufacturers quality and will offer you the choice of the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) part from the manufacturer and/or offer a cheaper aftermarket alternative.

We offer a standard 60-day warranty that covers the service we have done, if the original issue reoccurs we will fix the issue for free, if something else seems to have broken we will investigate the issue and if the issue was caused by us we will also fix it for free.

The phones we repair cover a range of different mainstream brands such as Samsung, Apple, Google, Sony, Microsoft and Oppo. We are experienced technicians and can do a large range of repairs such as screen, touch button, mainboard, camera, back cover, battery and glass replacements.

At Vision Computing we are happy to help you with any technological need and will give advice on purchases and if a repair is worth it, we do our research into each device so we can find the best quality solution to your issue.

For best mobile phone repair services in Brisbane and surrounds, call us for a quote at 0438750568 and see how we can best help you!

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