Why Water Damage is a Serious Problem?

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Water Damage

While there are many things that can happen to a phone that will cause the need for cell phone repair, one of the most common reasons people bring in their cell phones is for water damage. We have all dropped our smartphone in water. Maybe in a puddle, or in a pool, or countless other ways. While the bag of rice trick works sometimes, there are times when that’s just not going to cut it. Often the rice trick only drys the exterior of the phone, creating only a superficial fix Water damage is a serious problem that affects the hardware and inner workings of a smartphone. So while your phone may look okay on the outside, there can still be liquid sloshing around on the inside destroying the hardware that the smartphone uses to function.

The Kind of Water Maters

While taking a dip into any water source is bad for your phone, some water is worse than others. Different types of water effect smartphones differently and at different rates. Typically, water with more chemicals or minerals in it starts causing damage more quickly than freshwater, or water with fewer chemicals and minerals. Say you bring your smartphone to the pool and it falls in. the Chlorine that is used to keep a pool clean is highly acidic and will worm its way into the heart of your phone and start to corrode the hardware before you can say “I need Cell Phone Repair !” In the case of an unfortunate incident involving your phone and the kitchen sink, the corrosion inside your phone will happen at a slower rate due to the relatively low levels of chemicals and minerals in the tap water. In either case, it is still important to get your phone in for repairs ASAP.

Get the Smartphone to us Stat

Water damage can cause harm to a phone quickly, so it’s important to get your phone into us for repairs as soon as possible.

Water damage usually occurs more quickly than you might think, so the sooner you can get your phone to us, the more likely it is that your phone will recover with minimal or no permanent damage. Corrosion of the hardware is a serious issue. When any type of water is allowed to sit in your phone, it will slowly damage the circuitry and memory in your smartphone. The longer the time before cell phone repair is completed, the more severe the damage will be. Waiting too long before you bring it in can result in data loss, and sometimes even the need for a replacement of the motherboard in more severe cases. So if your smartphone has any kind of water-related mishap, please give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you!