Looking for a personalised desktop?

Custom PC Building

Are you thinking about building a new PC? With such a large range of computer builds and associated hardware available on the market, our technicians can help you find a suitable PC that meets your specifications and runs all your favourite software. Whether it’s a gaming computer, media streaming set-up, video-editing PC or a PC for business, we can help you find an ideal machine.

Our trusted technicians can help ensure quality and performance when choosing the best parts for your new computer, and gladly provide free quotes and assistance during any necessary design consultation. Vision Computing also provides a range of premade options that have been assembled with value, performance and compatibility in mind – meaning you get a fit-for-purpose setup with a minimum of hassle.

We have helped clients across Brisbane find the right PC – from cheap and reliable computers for your daily needs, all the way through to high-end gaming setups for activities like streaming graphicly intensive games.

Customer Computer Build
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